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The First of the Last Drop

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After being guided by Samir that I should get into the blogging game, here I am with my first post. Since I finally weaseled my way into the music industry (if only for the summer), I thought it appropriate to finally give my own commentary on music that I like and news that is worthwhile. For those who ever end up reading this, enjoy!

The Last Drop , July Favorites:

Spoon, Ga Ga Ga Ga GaMy love affair with Spoon really started in Atlanta when I bought Gimme Fiction. I was just amazed that a band could sound so pop-like and yet remain virtually unknown in the wider media. To a degree, it saddens me that big indie bands (Spoon, Feist, Arcade Fire, etc.) will never get the radio or MTV airplay that they should. Furthermore, the recent trend of using sheik indie music to sell your wares as the only vehicle for artists to make good money scares me. At any rate, I’m very happy that Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga is getting such positive feedback. They should also be noted for their great live presence. I honestly thought that they would not be able to keep their tight, refined sound live, but they proved me wrong (BTW – This was a birthday concert. November 10th brings the boys to the yard). There is just something so endearing and urgent in Brit Daniels sneer. I’m a believer. And hope the rest of the world is too.

Arcade Fire, Neon Bible – Yes, I caught on too late. Yes, I should have bought it since every major news source wrote about it being the best album of the year. No, I do not regret my decision. I did the same thing for M.I.A and it just gives me extra time to savor the album without growing tired in between releases. I enjoyed there first album but had strong suspicions on their lyrical taste. I’m glad to see that this is a step up from the past album. To me, they seem like the Bruce Springsteen of our generation. I won’t even try to defend that statement in this context, but I will say that the desperation, anger and rebellious emotion of the album seems vaguely reminiscent of a scraggly haired, bearded, New Jerseyan. But that’s me.

LCD Soundsystem, The Sound of Silver – Think Hot Chip only more sly. Think David Byrnes only less weird looking. Think catchy car commercials, only 7 minutes long. And good til the last drop. I’m often turned away by long-format songs in contemporary electronic/dance albums, but this album is just too good. Everything has it’s place; nothing seems indulgent. With surprisingly fleshy lyrics that aren’t overshadowed by the beats. The best feature is that it sounds so present and tangible – no hands off drum programming to hold the songs together. It’s perfect for working out (maybe a relic from his CD for Nike) or party jams. I’ve been in the mood for upbeat music and this has sated me. Currently, he is opening for Arcade Fire throughout US. Must see shows indeed!

White Rabbits, Fort NightlyI am the first to give up on the pretentious New York rock scene( I’m talking to you Strokes and TVOTR), but these guys have found a way to be likable. One thing that has always irritated me about NYC bands is that they always get away with using noise as a blanket for individuality. The rawer and more raucous, the better. White Rabbits seem to rely on melody and solid instrumentality to propel them forward. Even, dare I say, subtlety. The driving pulse of the entire playlist is balanced by versatile styles and instruments. I listened to the album 5 times straight and kept on finding new ways to fall in love. Literally, I had a blanket grin on my face (strangers started making comments) that wouldn’t go away until the final song. If I was forced to only one more live show in 2007, I would put my money down on these guys.

MCVL, Stance – OK, so I’m still waiting for this one in the mail. It’s a local Twin Cities band so they don’t have National distribution . Yet. Who can resist Old School rap reminiscent (or duplicative) of the Beastie Boys. Yeah, yeah, I know the formula already. But these guys keep it fresh. Plus there samples are pretty nice (Is that Ratatat I hear…) Hopefully they will continue to climb in the ranks the of Minneapolis music scene.

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July 31st, 2007 at 9:56 pm