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Always Cutting Out the Middleman. Always.

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That big yellow smile is just not as naive as it used to be. More cunning than usual.

So bands are fed up with record labels. One approach is to just screw the system and give you goods away for free online (The Radio-NIN approach). Another emerging approach is to make deals directly with the retailer. And if this retailer happens to be the largest one in the world, you might reach a few people in the process. Wal-Mart has always given the squeeze on the middle man to “pass on the savings to the consumer”. Their latest target is now the record industry as artists are going direct to Bentonville for marketing and distribution.

I can’t say I blame the artist or Wal-Mart on this one. If you want better distribution, why not head to the world’s best logistics expert? You want good marketing without the bloated overhead? Head on down to your local Wal-Mart and see how well they get behind selling a product. It all makes sense. Except it only works if your wares work for the Wal-Mart consumer. I have a tough time seeing Vampire Weekend or Panda Bear finding a new audience in Transylvania County, NC (yep, there really is a Transylvania County). Or any up and coming artist that doesn’t already have a following. We shall see how widespread this selling direct to the retailer goes. This may be good news for my favorite CD store in the world!

The High Cost of a Cheap Journey CD

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June 11th, 2008 at 12:42 pm

Top Drops: May

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Well, May was OK. You can’t have it all. But I did find a gem that has lasted me at least two months and has a high probability for being on my Top Drops for 2008

Jamie Lidell, Jim – It just gets better with age. I start to pay more attention to the lyrics. But, honestly, anything sung with THAT VOICE…it all works. At first, it was a bouncy nod to nostalgic Motown. But over time, you can’t deny his songwriting prowess and the staying power of this album. And, again, he is a force to see live. The consumate showman. Give Jim a spin if you haven’t already. Or see him at Lollapalooza if you are close by.

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June 11th, 2008 at 12:27 pm

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