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Is it the 4th? What happened?

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Yosemite AddieYou blink and half a year passes. Worse yet, it takes a long weekend, exposed bone on my shin and a late night to provide the illumination of my priorities in life – eat, sleep, hike (the exposed bone as testament), listen, review. Now I know that this isn’t particularly novel (yeah, I tried the ol’ resurrection idea before) so I’ll keep this brief. I’m been steadily noticing all of this greatness that is abound from dear friends. You want names? Well, Toni, I have to say jealousy is all I have with your daring to take 6 months off to travel AND write about it (2 continents and counting…). And is that you Nina, heading off to your fashion design career in Italy? Yeah, that’s right.  And then here is another reminder of all the missed opportunities to share in the glory that is music.  Essentially, this is all an elaborate boot to get me out of the mindset that it’s too hard to keep up with everything. What is all this everything? And why is it taking up so much time? Just a poor excuse for not focusing on what I love. So let’s try getting back to this shall we? Everybody hold hands. And wait for more to come.

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July 4th, 2010 at 2:58 am

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