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Stockpile: The Pharcyde

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The Pharcyde, Bizarre Ride II the Pharcyde I have no idea what came over me to listen to this album. It’s been overcast, rainy and generally nasty – typical British weather. I usually go to hibernate and take solace in fall music to warm me up. Medium to slow tempos with an air of seriousness and melancholy. Listening to the Pharcyde’s first album is burst of Californian smog-filled sunshine (sans the wildfires) that is almost too bright for my ears. Almost. The period in early ’90s hip hop that melded jazz and soul with witty insights (De La Soul, Digable Planets, A Tribe Called Quest, etc.) seems so fresh sounding now. A lot of hip hop production now is so slick and precise that the overall point of hip hop – a unique perspective through witty and often catchy flows – gets lost. Thank you 50 cent. Bizarre Ride exemplifies the beauty of this genre while adding a heavy dose of silly to the equation. Three guys messing around and telling “Yo Mama” jokes never sounded so good. “Passing Me By” was the lone radio hit, but the album is riddled with songs that are catchy yet poignant. It also doesn’t hurt that The Pharcyde has some of the most distinct voices in hip hop – instead of the uber-aggressive flows of most South Central L.A. residents, Pharcyde utilizes a more everyman sound with a slight bent towards nasally whines. It all adds to this energy of possibility – three guys that are smarter than they let on rapping about whatever pleases them. Which pleases me. The Pharcyde – more satisfying than chicken noodle soup or hot chocolate on a rainy day. And a lot less calories.

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October 28th, 2007 at 2:59 pm

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