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New Issue: Fleet Foxes

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Fleet Foxes, Fleet Foxes – The last of the albums I purchased before my computer was stolen. And what a happy note to end on. Yet again, I was sucked into a hype machine about this band, but it all paid off. Much like my Panda Bear and Devendra Banhart posts (which both site Beck as a reference. Maybe I need to branch out more…), I am slowly allowing myself to be sucked in by the ’60s. Better yet, I am shedding some of my fringe limitations for music, most notably for folk. I was brazenly searching the internet for anything new that was worthwhile and stumbled upon “White Winter Hymnal”. After the 15th listen, I allowed myself to admit that it is fine to become obsessed by a folk song. The reason – layered harmonies so thick and well, harmonious. After a bit a research, I found out I had totally missed the Sun Giant EP release but had a good chance on catching the full album. And that’s how I came upon this glorious record – a bit of luck, a small obsession, and an ear opening to contemporary folk.

Now, it probably shouldn’t surprise you that I love this album because of the sound alone. I am trying to get better at lyrical interpretation, but my natural instinct is to let the sound just wash over me and catch lyrics as they slowly diffuse into my brain. A shame really since this album seems to be adept at both. The Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young vocal homage never seems to lose it’s luster. Or maybe I have such a limited knowledge of good folk music that I am easily persuaded into anything that sounds non-mopey and distinct. Hold up, let me give myself a little bit of credit. I’ve been hangin’ with Ryan Adams for a minute. And I DO love me some Kathleen Edwards. And didn’t I see Devendra Banhart on my birthday?! OK, the self deprecation can stop here. The album is good regardless of how many folk artists you can name. Plus, the album artwork is pretty funky – a nice, quiet pastoral scene only the “nice and quiet” is actually muted violence. Fun for the whole family!

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September 29th, 2008 at 2:33 pm

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