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New Issue: SchoolBoy Q

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Schoolboy , Habits and Contradictions –  Gothic gangster rap at it’s finest. Lyrically a little weak, you can tell his age, but a strong initial concept and effort for an emerging crew of hip hop innovators. Where Section 80 presented consciousness in a mostly well packaged display, Habits exceeds in aurally mapping grit, danger, solitude, machismo, and anything else SchoolBoy wants to address. For a foundationally scary album, it’s a joy to listen to.

True, it relies on tried methods for adding the eery factor (any Portishead sample pretty much guarantees you will be questioning any happy mood you ever had) but it succeeds so well in . It’s hard to find a rap song more unnerving than “Nightmare on Figg St.” – just enough familiarity to suck you in thanks to the hints of Watch the Throne’s N*ggas in Paris, while the beats absence of melody, stark synths and choppy drum loops have you looking over your shoulder at every turn. Note to other hardcore rappers – you might not have to rhyme as hard if you just let the song do half the work for you. Kendrick Lamar still seems to be the most cohesive lead voice for this crew, but SchoolBoy Q has the production chops and intensity to match on his first full length.  (Second) Note to rap – please do more of this. Pretty please.

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February 27th, 2012 at 1:00 am

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