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New Issue: The Ting Tings

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The Ting Tings, We Started Nothing – So much buzz has surrounded this band, for better or for worse. Over here, they are the toast of the club scene. Flyers and tube ads adorn every block advertising the album. Plus, you can’t get away from “That’s Not My Name”. And why would you? Same goes for “Great DJ”. In fact, the whole album is one big summer party waiting to happen. I guess that’s why the Captain of Columbia Records snapped them up so quickly. Their quirky sense of pop is strongly rooted in new wave and disco (this seems to be a theme for 2008. I think VH1 brainwashed everyone with I Love the ’80s) but has a distinct indie bend that gives it a bit of edge. Call it Manchester Madness. Or simply the silliness that comes from 2 member “bands”. Either way, it spells success (just like R-O-L-A-I-D-S spells relief). Note – a lot of their best licks seem stolen from their influences. Blondie in particular. But it doesn’t make it any less satisfying. Or any less novel since I was really too young to enjoy the rebellious nature of Deborah Harry. So I say enjoy the Ting Tings shamelessly and have a lovely summer!

Written by TopDrop

July 23rd, 2008 at 2:31 pm

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