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New Issue: Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Yeah Yeah Yeah's Album Cover It's BlitzYeah Yeah Yeahs,It’s Blitz! I KNOW! How many years ago did I get this album? Less than one, I promise you. As most music reports are readying their best of lists, I’m still working on getting out reviews from early releases from 2009. At least I’m not as bad as last year. Anywho, I am particularly satisfied by the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s re-emergence as the crowned leaders of rock. I really did underestimate Karen O. A superstar in all facets – boundless energy matched with striking lyrics and timely subtleties. Not only are their live performance unbeatable by most standards, they still manage to crank out excitement on an album. Gone is the Fever to Tell garage aesthetic – rough cuts, rapid fire rhythms and a whole bucket of angst (x “Maps”). Bring on danceable rock, but not in a fleeting Franz Ferdinand way (I still have love for “Take Me Out”, don’t worry). “Zero”, one of the best singles of 2009 ,is full on pop, but so much better. Karen O has a way of taking the most mundane melody (which “Zero” is NOT) and making it sublime with her fierce, raw phrasing. You rarely see this strength in a female singer which makes her stand out that much more. Sidenote – You know, it’s kind of nice being a woman sometimes. I don’t think this album could really work with any other way. If only there were more female lead singers I could mention…

The album does not let down after “Zero”.  It covers a surprisingly large range of genre and texture within 10 songs. Fascinating, if not admirable. It proves that age and greater production skills do not always diminish energy from a proven artist.

Also, did you check out the cover art? I mean, this is why CDs still exist, right?!

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December 1st, 2009 at 2:58 pm

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  1. Like the new format Addie. Very pleasing to the eyes. Thinking I should try the egg break photo sometime…

    Matt O

    7 Dec 09 at 10:25 am

  2. Interesting post. I tried to get your rss feed but I ran into a few problems with it. I can’t see your full articles it seems. Any idea whats up?

    Sandy Behimer

    9 Feb 11 at 7:29 am

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