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Back to the Future

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Stereogum LogoAround this time of year, everyone starts recapping their favs of the year/decade/any other irrelevant time period that can be discussed ad nauseum on the blogosphere and over leftover turkey. The fine folks at Stereogum are taking things a step in the other (and frankly more exciting) direction by recapping a basic human instinct: anticipation.  A present to the future. Why not indulge in the speculation of greatness, particularly when it seems like so much can go right in 2010. With an early lineup of some youngins (Panda Bear, MGMT, Yeasayer) and some vintage inspirations (Massive Attack!, Avalanches) we are sure to have a resurgence of great music. Finally, Animal Collective will not be the de facto leader (although they are coming out with some hotness too) for best of the year.

Start smacking your lips and getting your eMusic downloads in order

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December 2nd, 2009 at 11:31 pm

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