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Lost and Found: 2017 Edition

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Let’s cut to the quick: I’ve been a bit lost for a minute. When we (I) last left this space, I was in the midst of regaling the sonic exploits of South By Southwest 2012. Yeah. 5 years ago. I have the half filled notes for Day 2 and 3 ¬†sitting perilously in my posts queue. Some non-coherent, some still holding the electricity of the event. And quite a few that turned out to be positively clairvoyant (a 21 year old, looping expert named Ed Sheeran that” I hear the Aussies love” playing at Stubbs to a few hundred semi-committed fans…). Most importantly, there was a clear sense of dedication, energy, duty and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment from reporting on music that mattered to me.

And then it stopped. For a long time.

Much of this can be explained away with multiple life events converging over a massively impactful 5 years (2 moves, 2 continents, grad school, etc) that made keeping up with this sense of duty secondary to, you know, living life. But. Then it hit me. The whole duty and music and reporting and music and live connection and processing and music and writing and enjoyment went missing. Quite literally.

And so a resurrection was needed.

Additionally, I ran into very literal trouble getting access to the blog to restart. After a few calls and much life reflection I’ve come back to the Last Drop with renewed, late in life vigor. Let’s see how 2017, a resolution, and a new continent (for as much as I have general issues with an island that states it rather make itself feel empowered by isolation from the rest of the continent, they do have so great music) will help with bringing this space back.
P.S. Why the picture you ask? I can’t think (or find. I’m getting lazy in my old age) of a better image that I took from 2016 that adequately represents my need for cutting off old habits than two aging Chinese men in a park. Your welcome.

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January 29th, 2017 at 10:31 am

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