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I’m back, after a week of suffering from the British plague. Hopefully my health will stay up and I can keep y’all posted on what is in my head.

The eccentric, elitist, yet somewhat helpful fellows at Pitchfork finally try to pose words of encouragement for the music industry. Their usual aloof disdain for anything ever heard by anyone other than themselves was put aside briefly to put forth several ideas to create excitement in buying music. Some of them seem worth while (bundling with games), some far fetched (buy 4 cds that have to be played at the same time???), but all in all at least a try.

For me, the greatest concept given was going back to making music an event. Film has lost their way with this as well and every time they go back to it, it works. It’s hard with all of the options available for entertainment, but people still pay attention when its an event that they can’t seem to miss. Something compelling to force us all into believing it is bigger than just a single song, film, tv show, anything.

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October 14th, 2007 at 2:29 pm

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