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SXSW 2011: Day 3

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Day 3 – I had initial hopes of seeing many more bands. It was a bust. Sort of. There was one BIG show I did get to see that kind of made up for the entire week. And pretty much solidified my inevitable return to SXSW.

Who Did I See
The Dodos
Kanye West!

Sometimes you just need to concentrate your efforts to get the best possible reward. Super concentrated efforts. Like 4 hours waiting concentration. I’ll skip the pithy quips and get to the Kanye business

The Good
I got in! I waited, I struggled, I ordered dinner while waiting and struggling in line. It was epic. But ultimately worth the wait. The show was well produced (sometimes to a flaw) but everything you would want. A little more. The whole G.O.O.D family was well represented and on form. The setting was astounding – an old power plant turned into cavernous music hall. Everything was all dolled up and ready for the prom. And a promenade it was. Almost a variety review from each performer called up from the record label stables. True, the performance was dictated by the videotaping thus there was a lot of playing to camera. But the audience was fully a part of the master plan as I was drawn in each performer’s aesthetic. I actually found most of the up and coming artist performances quite engaging which is hard to do with 8 artists (and after waiting for 5 hours). Well done on a surprise showcase and 3.5 hour long hip hop experience.

The Less Good
I’ve stated it many a times – Kanye West is not a great rapper. This show solidified that statement. His attention to detail overwhelmed the overal spirit of fun and spontanaiety that normally is on display at a hip hop show. When things get tough, must rappers get tougher. However, when things got tough for Kanye, he got angry and stormed off like a 5 year old. Some took this as his “primadonna tendencies”. I saw it as unprofessional and just not fun. Furthermore, for the parts of the performance he could control – namely remembering the lyrics to his songs – he didn’t always meet the goal. When you are staring at Jay Z hoping “Swagger Like Us” will come back to you, I have a hard time believing you ever had swagger.┬áJay Z, however, gained my respect – the consummate showman that knows how to work a crowd. In spite of all that Kanye has achieved, he still has much more to learn.

If you need proof of this insanity, peep the pics. In order of appearances from the G.O.O.D music family:


From left: Mr. Hudson, John Legend, Kanye, Mos Def, Kid Cudi, some girl not wearing a shirt, Prynce Cyhi, Big Sean, Jay Z

Mos Def full on



Mos Def profile


Pusha T



Big Sean



Prynce Cyhi rippin it



Prynce Cyhi hands in the air



Mr. Hudson: You know Jay Z's song "Forever Young"? That's me!



Fonsworth Bentley: Why am I here?



Cudi, I still don't buy your emo stuff. But you showed up.



Bon Iver and crazy girl with no shirt



Kanye Intro Appearance



Mad Max Yeezy


G.O.O.D. Friday mix - John Legend, Cudi, Kanye, and Pusha T


Blame Game with John Legend


Ubiquitous in crowd shot


Kanye is his favorite Runaway suit


All of the Lights featuring local high school marching band. How nice!


Stoic All of the Lights


'Ye and Jay go H.A.M


Still H.A.Ming it up


'Ye and Jay as Monsters - triumphant

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