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Lost and Found: 2017 Edition

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Let’s cut to the quick: I’ve been a bit lost for a minute. When we (I) last left this space, I was in the midst of regaling the sonic exploits of South By Southwest 2012. Yeah. 5 years ago. I have the half filled notes for Day 2 and 3 ¬†sitting perilously in my posts queue. Some non-coherent, some still holding the electricity of the event. And quite a few that turned out to be positively clairvoyant (a 21 year old, looping expert named Ed Sheeran that” I hear the Aussies love” playing at Stubbs to a few hundred semi-committed fans…). Most importantly, there was a clear sense of dedication, energy, duty and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment from reporting on music that mattered to me.

And then it stopped. For a long time.

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January 29th, 2017 at 10:31 am

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