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New Issue: Adele

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Adele, 19 – British soul is on the rise. Again. A late 2000’s rush of rhythm and blues inspired singers are coming out in droves over here. Led by the de facto ring leader (but soon to be hospitalized) Amy Winehouse, well deserved attention is finally being given to the British contribution to modern R&B. Duffy is on the verge with the well crafted “Mercy” single racing up the charts and hitting the dance floors. You know how I feel about Jamie Lidell. Yet, Adele seems to be the strongest candidate for global succession to the house built by Amy Wino.

The Good – once again, we have some strong vocal chops coming from a young woman. And I am enjoying this turn from a country currently known more for their indie rock chops than soul singers (no, Leona Lewis does NOT count). She sounds fully developed for her age and has less of a bend towards satisfying her audience with age appropriate lyrics. Seems like she could last an album or two.
The Not So Good – No definitive bad elements, but some less than stunning qualities lie in her subject matter – love. That’s really all we have here: a 19 year old girl telling her side of romance, heartache, and scorn. Sometimes it’s catchy enough to work. Often, it becomes repetitive. What doesn’t help is her lack of genre depth. I like that she has a great fit for blues and jazz, but too often her songs end up muddled in lite FM territory. Too many strings and not enough spontaneity. And I wouldn’t mind a few more upbeat songs. She can kill a ballad, but ends up beating the dead horse. Digression alert – whoever did the mixing stuck too heavily on the treble end as all I can hear are the strings and her voice above the actual music. Sounds ill blended and a bit gaudy.

Overall, I like Adele. I think she has a lot to offer given her age and experience. This is no Back to Black, which, for all of Amy’s faults, is an amazing offering. I would like to see her strip off a lot of her backing elements and stick to the acoustic/sparer repertoire as it allows her talent (and emotion) to shine best. “Daydreamer” is by far my favorite track as it’s just Adele. And that’s all I’m asking for.

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July 14th, 2008 at 4:44 am

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