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Lost and Found: 2017 Edition

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Let’s cut to the quick: I’ve been a bit lost for a minute. When we (I) last left this space, I was in the midst of regaling the sonic exploits of South By Southwest 2012. Yeah. 5 years ago. I have the half filled notes for Day 2 and 3 ¬†sitting perilously in my posts queue. Some non-coherent, some still holding the electricity of the event. And quite a few that turned out to be positively clairvoyant (a 21 year old, looping expert named Ed Sheeran that” I hear the Aussies love” playing at Stubbs to a few hundred semi-committed fans…). Most importantly, there was a clear sense of dedication, energy, duty and an overwhelming sense of fulfillment from reporting on music that mattered to me.

And then it stopped. For a long time.

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January 29th, 2017 at 10:31 am

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Another New Year/ 2008 Round Up

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2008 brought a lot of new (old) changes: a move, a job, a hike, and of course music. A full year, if not tumultuous. And it stirred the pot for more change in 2009 (a marathon, another mountain, and maybe a big music festival). Maybe it’s the inner Oprah coming out, but I am trying desperately to embrace change and become a better me. Which also means I will need to listen to a lot more music. Particularly stuff I know nothing about. I did not find nearly as many dogs last year as I should have. Well, not that I want to give in to purchasing bad music (see further down on the top sellers of last year) but I don’t experiment nearly enough. If I can commit to the Himalayas, the least I can do is buy more albums from rock bands with animal names (Foxes and Bears, oh my). So here’s to the never ending pursuit of musical perfection.

Oh, and here’s to a look back at 2008. The top selling album – who else but the original Cash Money Millionaire (not to be confused with a credit card millionare or a Madoff/Ponzi scheme millionaire). Notable mentions – Kid Rock. For real. Yeah, I didn’t know he had an album out either.

Top Ten Highest Selling Albums of 2008

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January 2nd, 2009 at 1:20 pm

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