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New Issue: Roisin Murphy

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Roisin Murphy, Overpowered – Another addition to my indoctrination into British pop music. If it’s not rock, it’s electronic. Roisin rides the line of traditional electronic music and R&B since her voice has more soul than most in her genre. Much of the sound on this album hearkens back to early ’90s electronica – lots of primitive synth sounds with jagged guitars. And a voice that is unintentionally overproduced. Maybe too slick for her own good. It feels more like a collection of remixes instead of a full album. All of the remixes are good, just very produced. Probably perfect in a club environment. I caught myself wanting to like her more than I did. Her voice is stunning and it’s great to hear someone trying to add more to electronic music than chopped vocals of idiosyncratic lyrics or sultry whispers/moans over slinky rhythms (you can’t hide Goldfrapp). She spends time developing intelligent lyrics and a few of the songs have a more open construction that allows her to breathe. “Checkin on Me” and “Tell Everybody” show off her songwriting potential – looped voices and vocal percussion are a perfect skeleton for Roisin to show off her range without being cluttered by heavy synths. Too often the rhythms overtake her voice and you are left with heavy production and little substance. Or she takes to trite lyrics that make the album more dated than it should be (“Primitive”, “Body Language”). I’m interested enough to see her live and thankfully she is coming for a two night stint. Hopefully the live show will be more impressive.

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October 28th, 2007 at 3:33 pm

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