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Drop Kick: SXSW 2012 Recap Day 3

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Continuing on my binge cleanup of old posts, Day 3 from my last SXSW visit. Some fun shows that somehow fell off my radar (I think I saw Kendrick this day as well?????? Who will ever know if it wasn’t captured in social media?????) but nice to unleash my old memories and 2 min reactions on new artists.

Join me in reminiscing all of the hyped names from Stereogum and Pitchfork I willingly stood in line (for a while to see). Note – not a single thought on Nicolas Jaar. Wasn’t he the second coming of moody ambient electronic music (or maybe he was too busy literally running away from fame)?



Day 3
1100 warehouse
Doomtree – In case you haven’t noticed, POS has built his following. The crew is steady, the fans are ready. And it’s all very tight live. A marked progression from last year’s showcase  – both in  performance and stature – and I can only imagine it’s a matter of time before they finally have one single filter to the mainstream.


Fader Fort
SBTRKT (no mfn comment??? He was just there???? What would I do to my 2012 self…)
Mister motherfuckin Xsquire- Brooklyn hip hop with fur hat

Convention Center
Movie – Sunset Strip

Fader fort
Nicolas Jaar

Ritz- White rapper from Atlanta

Ghetto Boo- Bad female rapper from Memphis

Doritos Stage
Turquoise Jeep – Hip hop parody. How you like your eggs?


Delicate Steve – bluesy jammy rock band/ Allman brothers esque, real young, Singing guitar for the melodies.

St David’s sanctuary

Firehorse – fully formed studio band. Each member represented a stereotype of a band type. Big voice female.  Hated on me when I met them, then chatted me up when they thought I worked for noise pop

LP-  not to be confused with El-P.  family . Disconnect in voice- low speaking tamber, bright singing. Big voice folky.  Andrew Bird like whistling. Citibank commercial

whisper town- hippies from Dolores park found instruments

Rachel Yamagata

Fiona Apple – she’s back! Still slight, still a flight risk, still angry at life. But  consistent. And a reminder of a time when you really believed women were going to take over the world in ALL genre’s. Thank you 90s.

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December 27th, 2017 at 8:31 am